Horsethief Canyon Hike with Meetup Group

Horsethief Canyon Hike with Meetup Group

If Facebook is for staying connected to old friends then Meetup is for meeting new friends, enjoying activities you love, and getting off the computer chair and out of the house.  If you have an interest, you can find a local group that is all about it, or you can start one of your own.  You have no more excuses about not having anyone to go out with, go to a movie with, go on a hike with, or just about anything else you can think of.  It’s easy to join a group.  It’s easy to RSVP.  Then all you do is show up and enjoy the event.

This is my favorite site for getting out of the house and meeting people. As of today there are: 1,665 Meetup Groups near San Diego, CA, which is where I live. I don’t think I will have time to check them all out. There are coed groups, women only groups, men only groups, groups with a few members, and groups with thousands of members. This is not a dating site, but people do meet people and end up dating. Whatever your intention you should add Meetup to your list of resources.

  1. […] the “bible” for local hikes in San Diego county, and second I joined a couple of hiking Meetup groups. I quickly found that there were excellent hikes in the local area. I’m still […]

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