Happiness comes from within

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Deep Thoughts, Happiness
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Even just thinking the phrase “Happiness comes from within” is a joyful and liberating feeling.  It doesn’t come from your significant other, it can’t be taken from you by anyone, anything, or any event.  The terminally ill can be happy, a homeless person can be happy, a severely handicapped person can be happy, so why are some people unhappy.  Why are most of us unhappy at some point in our lives and some of us unhappy most of the time?  Why a person allows themselves to be unhappy is a personal question, and whether they know it or not, a personal choice.  To be happy you have to love yourself, be content with the imperfection of the human experience and human beings, and focus on the positive.  I’m not saying that all or any of that is easy, but it is possible, and once you understand the choice you have to make, it can be achieved with a reasonable effort.  We are not here for long.  Life is short even if you live to be the “oldest living human” before you go.  So understand the choice, make the effort to let yourself be happy.


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