Friends and Family

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Family and Friends, Happiness
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Family and Friends pictures
For me there is nothing that adds more meaning to life than friends and family.  No adventure is more important and no posession is more important.  A picture has more meaning to me when it has a friend or family member in it.   People are important to me.  That doesn’t mean that I never want to just hang out alone in my room, or on the beach.  Friends and family are like everything else they are better when you don’t overdo it.  The first bowl of icecream is good, but if you just keep filling the bowl and eating more, in one sitting, each bowl well be less satisfying.  So take a break occasionally, but never take friends and family for granted. 

I am suseptible to being used by people who don’t value me as much as I do them.  So, while I value others, I have learned to be cautious about their motives.  The answer is not always yes, I am not a bottomless well.  I’ve learned to avoid selfish and self-centered people and to seek out giving, loving, kind, and secure people.  These lessons were hard learned, and being cautious does not mean that I can’t care for or value that type of person (they can actually have a lot to offer), it means that I would rather spend time with friends and family who value me as much as I value them.

Although I enjoy “alone time”, by contrast time spent with family and friends makes anything I do 1000 times more fun. Whether it is with a small group or one other person, I cherish time with family and friends. A big part of a full life to me is having a close relationship with these people and I will always seek to keep these bonds strong!


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