Posted: October 13, 2010 in Family and Friends, Travel
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My Travel ImagesTravel seems to be high on everyone’s list when thinking about a full life.  I’ve done a significant amount of business travel; enough to know that in most cases that doesn’t count.  If you travel with a team of people who also qualify as friends and you travel to fun and diverse places then not only does it count, but you are one of the few.  For the most part business travel seems to be a lonely and unfulfilling act.  If you don’t believe me watch Up In The Air.  Like everything else, travel is better when you do it with someone you enjoy doing things with.

Travel can be very expensive if you pay full price and don’t take advantage of travel resources.  If you travel for work, do it wisely and you can easily use accumulated loyalty points to make leisure travel much more affordable.  I’ve purchased tickets for my family to go to Europe using airline miles collected during business travel.  It can also make sense to have someone tag along when you are on a business trip to somewhere you would like to visit for leisure.  Travel cost can be cut in half (at least) and if you can use points for their ticket it can be even better.  I’ve taken advantage of trips to Hawaii and Florida to take a companion along.

There are several online resources the can enhance leisure travel and make it much more affordable.  There are some that I don’t even have to mention as the are advertised constantly by former starship captains and other characters.  But there are very good sites that are rarely advertised if at all.  I’ve found that pinpoint travel is one of the best ways to search multiple airlines to find the best prices.  I will add a category for travel resources to point out some of these sites.

There are definitely different categories of leisure travel.  Sometimes you want to sit and sip Margaritas on the beach, other times you want to visit a place filled with history, or visit with family and friends, and some trips are all about the adventure or challenge.  To stay out of a rut keep a good mix of these intentions, even on a single trip. 

Need motivation to save for and plan travel, add some travel to your bucket list, look at your current ability to get away and finance trips, then start planning.  Trips don’t have to cost a small fortune to be fun.  They don’t have to be around the world to be worthwhile.  They do have to include family, friends, or love ones to be any good at all. 

Travel is a key ingredient for a full life.  Don’t wait for someone else to plan a trip and invite you along.  Life is too short, make it sweeter by living it to the fullest!

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  1. Really like your post and so true life is to short and its all about family and friends and living it all to the fullest

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