Free Online College Courses

Posted: November 7, 2010 in Learn Something, Learning Resources
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I was discussing the site with a coworker recently and he pointed out the availability of free online college courses.  Want to take a course at Yale?  They offer uncredited college courses at Open Yale courses.  If learning is the goal, how can it get better than that.  How about Computer Engineering courses at Stanford?  These are free too at Stanford Engineering Everywhere.  Want an even bigger name how about taking classes at MIT?  Also free at MIT Open Courseware. For an up to date list you can go to I take at least a couple of courses for credit each year and for my first free online classes I will do some review to prepare for the more advanced Java courses I will take next year. Later next year I plan to go back even further and update my understanding of the introductory computer science courses.

I love to learn, the opportunity to learn from top professors at preeminent universities is very attractive to me.  I like getting credit for new learning, but to review, update, and even possibly improve on what I have already received credit for makes sense to me.  I may also take advantage of this to learn things that are not necessary for my job but that are of interest to me as credit for those courses is not as important as the learning.


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