Posted: December 17, 2010 in Family and Friends, Happiness
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This post is not just to convince my kids to have my grandchildren, but it would be nice to check one thing off my bucket list, holding a grandchild in my arms.  So here goes the sales pitch!

In general, kids are never, never, never a negative in life.  Oh they can be difficult, they can be bad, they can cause you all kinds of grief.  Specific kids can actually be unsaveable messes, but in general, and in the vast majority of cases, the rewards of having kids in you life far outweigh any negatives. I have four kids of my own and have had children in my life through friendship and marriage. Raising kids; watching them go from babies, absolutely dependent on me and their mother, to independent adults has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I love kids of all ages. It may be because I still have a very active “kid” inside of me. I love being silly, I love surprises, and I love new things. Being around kids keeps that part of me active and engaged.

If you have kids and are “looking for a new relationship” don’t expect that your kids “won’t matter”, they are a part of you and definitely will matter. Depending on their age and disposition they may make things more difficult for you, but anyone who does not see the value of your kids is not the right kind of person to be around anyway. Could you really love someone who doesn’t value your children? If that happens, just remember they are not your last or even your best chance at happiness and move on. Don’t let having kids, even difficult kids, stop you from seeking companionship and love.

Not sure if you want to have kids, not sure if you are ready for the “commitment”, not sure if you can afford them, not sure if you are the right kind of person to raise children, well it definitely is not for everyone. Do you feel like you are too selfish to give of your time? You will have to sacrifice some things, but if you make the sacrifices, the rewards are much greater than any other I’ve ever experienced. I definitely recommend having or being involved with children as a core part of a full life.


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