Negative Energy

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Distractions and Barriers
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Negative energy can sap the time and motivation needed to live a full life.  Negative energy can come from within or from connections with others.  Either way it can be hard to avoid and even harder to purge yourself of it. 

I define negative energy as meaningless or avoidable negative feelings.  When there is true unavoidable conflict or tragedy, you have to deal with the issue or feel the grief.  You should not avoid these feelings.  When a situation or connection is the continuous source of avoidable negative feelings you have to decide whether the best course of action might not be to get out of the situation permanently, temporarily, or to continue to deal with it.  This is only something you can decide. 

When a friend or family member is in constant avoidable turmoil the best course of action is to be brutally honest with them.  Tell them what they need to do to avoid the turmoil, let them know that you don’t feel they are making wise decisions.  Let them know in no uncertain terms that you are not sympathizing with their situation, rather you feel they should be able to deal with it themselves as long as they make good decisions.  Let them know you don’t want to talk about their “woes”, that you don’t want to hear about why someone else is to blame, and don’t want to be their shoulder to cry on.  Tell them they are screwed up, how, and that they need to fix themselves and quit blaming others, the system, or bad luck for their situation.  They may never talk to you again, but they may actually take a hard look at themselves and make a change.  If they do, you have your connection back and they will be grateful, if not then at least they will be unlikely to continue to drag you into their quagmire.

The longer you let negative energy steal the time and positive energy you need to achieve a full life, the harder it will be for you to get rid of it.  So don’t delay… don’t mess it up by being too gentle with others or yourself… do have the discipline to follow through with the actions you have to take to rid your life of as much negative energy as you can.  Then do take advantage of the time, freedom, and positive feelings you have to get out there and live a full life!


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