Pursue a Dream!

Posted: December 29, 2010 in Bucket List, Happiness, Travel, Worthwhile Activities
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Looking out over Grand CanyonEveryone has dreams. Practical or impractical… sure thing or long-shot… entertainment or work related… you should not live your life without pursuing your dreams.  As always I feel the need to qualify my advice. If your dream is a long-shot you probably should not quit your job, jump all the way into it,  and mortgage your house or your future just to “follow your dreams”.  But you can almost always find a way to “try out” a dream with low or even no risk. Want to be a mountain climber, try out a rock climbing class with a reputable training company. Want to win the lottery, buy a ticket (no not 500 tickets).  If you don’t already have experience, get the experience you need to do the business and know the market before you make the leap.  A good way to do that is to work for someone else doing the same thing first.  Do it nights/weekends or whenever your free time is.

There are two things that prevent us from pursuing our dreams fear/risk aversion, and procrastination/busy lives.  The best way to overcome both of those is to just look into your future… keep looking further out until you get to a point that you feel is too late to follow your dream.  Is how you’re living your life now what you want to look back on?  If not get motivated, come up with a plan, make it happen, follow it through to success or failure, but make the effort. 

One of my favorite quotes gets to the heart of the matter, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”  (Robert Schuller).  As long as you control the risk, it really doesn’t matter that we can fail, we still should believe in ourselves and follow our dreams!


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