Posted: January 6, 2011 in Travel, Travel Resources

Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO) is a fairly well known site.  I first came across the site when running in Pacific Beach, CA.  I noticed several vacation rentals that were listed with the site.  Then a friend mentioned that she had rented a condo for a week via the site and that it worked out well.  The availability for the listings on this site vary; some of them are very limited, one week timeshare availability, and others are private homes with a calendar of availability.  Also be sure to watch for all the hidden charges, taxes, cleaning fees, etc. The size, price, and level of luxury can also vary widely, from hotel room size for under 500 a week to houses that run in the thousands per week.  In addition to information about the lodging there is information about the owner that is kind of cool.

I have not set up lodging on this site yet, but I’m sure I will eventually.  The concept really appeals to me and I’m looking forward to my first experience booking a stay.  I’ll update this post with more information once I have booked a stay, hopefully soon!

  1. […] been using a couple of the travel resources I posted about on this site, VRBO.com and Armed Forces Vacation Club by Endless Vacation Rentals , to track down better deals on […]

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