Posted: January 10, 2011 in Deep Thoughts, Distractions and Barriers
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Climbing a ChimneyBased on the title this could either be about procrastination or living in the present.  I’ve already posted about procrastination, so I’ll make this one about living in the present.  Living in the present is tough sometimes.  When you are at a very engaging event or in the middle of a very engaging activity it is easy.  It is harder when you are in a less engaging moment.  When you are alone, it can be downright difficult.  But “the now” always has lots to offer regardless of where you are, what you’re doing, or who you are with.  You’ll never have another chance at this current moment.  I chose to write this blog post, but I could have cleaned the house (probably should have), called a friend or loved one, watched something on television, or had a conversation with my son.  All of those things need to be done and/or appeal to me, but I also love to write so I figured a good stream of consciousness post would be fun. 

I really dislike it when I’m with someone and can’t seem to get in to “the now”.  When thoughts, worries, memories, or other distractions occupy me when I should be enjoying the moment with the person I’m with, I can become frustrated with myself.  Not that I need to be constantly engaged say on a long road trip or a long hike.  I do believe that comfortable silence, where both people are taking the time to think about whatever crosses their mind, or nothing at all, is possible and good.  Especially when you spend a lot of time with one person being comfortable when not fully engaged is a necessary thing.  But when you don’t feel like you spend enough time with someone, being able to focus completely on them, to engage fully with them, and to be in the moment should absolutely be the goal.

Things that take you out of the now.  Television, movies, the internet, reading, even radio.  I’m not saying you can’t do those things or that those things can’t be a part of the now, but if you are disengaging from life, not really sharing those moments with another person, then those things can take now away from you.  Of course thought, memories, planning for the future, worrying about the past, present, or future, and even thinking about nothing can take you out of the now.  All of those things are also good, but don’t let them overwhelm or become your life. 

It is impossible and maybe not even desirable to alway live in the now.  But you must be aware of the now, live as often as you can in the now, and keep a good balance in your life in order to live a full life.


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