Posted: February 16, 2011 in Deep Thoughts, Worthwhile Activities
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Many things can be the source of your inspiration. Charismatic leaders, friends, movements, heroes, music, and even beautiful places. I don’t believe you can live a full life without inspiration. I’m not talking about motivation to live a full life, I’m talking about being inspired to do the things you do, to live the way you live. A life without inspiration can be filled with activities, people, and pretty things but it will not be a full as the same life that is inspired. When you know what is inspiring you, all of those things will have more flavor, more impact on your feeling of fulfillment.

Me and my son headed down from Nevada Falls - Yosemite National Park July 2010Bored at work? Look for something to inspire you to do your job to the best of your ability. Once you find it you will be more engaged, happier, and it will not go unnoticed. You can’t just act inspired, insincerity is obvious, and it won’t have the same impact on your life. Look for true inspiration, it is worth the effort. I recently met a gentleman, Eric Courchesne, who does basic research on Autism at the University of California San Diego. He has no family connection to Autism, but from a very early age he wanted to do research on nerve or brain disease that caused disability for children, especially when that disability severely impacted their ability to have a normal social life. He said that the first time he met a child with Autism he knew immediately that he had found the disease he would dedicate his life to. Even before he explained his inspiration you could see that he had an immense passion for his work. Because my youngest child has Autism I am very glad that there are people with that kind of passion working on this common and disabling disease. So what inspires him? He also had a disabling nerve disease as a child, he was stricken during the last major outbreak of Polio in this country. His heroes as a child were the researchers who worked to wipe out polio, the doctors who devised surgeries that helped him walk without braces, and the people who were there to make his life less lonely even when he was unable to go out to play as a young child. His life, dedication, and promising research inspire me! For more information about him and his research check out the below links:


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