You Win Some and Lose Some

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Deep Thoughts, Distractions and Barriers, Happiness
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A full life doesn’t include always winning. No matter how lucky you are in life, and I consider myself to be a very lucky man, there will be losses. A full life does include dusting yourself off and living after a loss. In sports you have to be able to learn from your mistakes, improve, but not let the loss affect your next game. The same is true in life. You have to hold on to your inner sense of worth and well-being, the unshakable confidence in your ability to succeed and the trust in others to support your efforts.

Unless you are destined to die young and I’m too old for that, or old enough to retire, you have to shake off losses and get on with living. Life is sweet and all you have to do is let the sweetness in. Relish it for what it is, don’t push it away because you’ve lost in the past. Loss can result in fear and insecurity, don’t ignore doubts, apply the lessons you’ve learned and exercise caution, but absolutely ignore fear and insecurity! Live a full life, pursue your dreams, be active, love someone with abandon, don’t hold back, and don’t forget you’ll win some too!


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