Posted: March 28, 2011 in Travel
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I used to find useful things to do while in the air. Read the paper or a book, open my laptop and get some work or homework done, play a game on my phone, or socialize with another passenger. Lately, I sleep, rest, think, or just vegetate. I don’t like to waste time, sleeping is good, but when that doesn’t happen I need to be prepared to make better use of the time.
I usually don’t sleep well while traveling so sleeping on the plane can put me back on track. But if I’m not in a window seat, most likely I will not be able to sleep. I”m very busy at work and at home so sometimes doing nothing is even OK, but when I travel more frequently I find I can’t just do nothing that often. So I will start to prepare more for my trips, bring a book or download one to one of my Android e-book apps.
The flight I am on right now is particularly frustrating. I finished a meeting early and could not get an earlier flight. So I worked for 4 hours at the gate. Then I got a middle seat in the front row on the first flight, so I stowed all my stuff except my phone. Definitely can’t sleep in this seat, I read all the news I was interested in on my Android USA Today and NY Times apps (I open those before flights and go to each section I’m interested in and the apps download all the articles when the section is opened). I rested as best I could, let my thoughts wander for a while, and then tried a game on my Blackberry. I love Brickout, and a couple of years ago got over 7 million points in one game. It took months to play, and I would have got an even higher score, but I eventually had to kill off the 130+ lives I had accumulated because I needed to pull my battery and wanted to record my high score before I reset the Blackberry. Anyway, my new Blackberry has a flaky ball controller, so the paddle doesn’t move consistently that makes playing Brickout into a waste of time.

So what to do with my time? I finally decided to add a post to the blog. Yes this is it. Typed on my Blackberry as a draft email to avoid wasting time on the plane. At least it was an attempt to avoid wasting time. Although I’m not sure there is a ton of worth in all of this rambling I will go ahead and post it. OK, only another 90 minutes left on this flight! What’s next?


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