Time to try out some Mai Tai recipes

Posted: April 18, 2011 in General Resources, Happiness, Learn Something
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We’re leaving for Kauai in 12 days!  The planning for this trip was fun, and the whole trip is costing me less than 400 dollars for airfare, 7 nights lodging (on the beach), and a full size rental car!  But I don’t want to have to spoil a great evening on the lanai watching the sunset just to get a good Mai Tai.  So it’s time to practice a few different tropical drink recipes and find a good one.  I’ll make a quick trip to BevMo after the gym tonight and try out an interesting recipe I found on allrecipes.com there are several others claiming to be the best on the original at drinkmixers.com. I’m going to try out the recipe from allrecipes first, it is rated 4+ stars, plenty of good reviews, it looks interesting and sounds good.

The allrecipes.com Mai Tai I tried was good, like most tropical drinks, it was sweet and you could get feeling pretty good without realizing it.  It called for pineapple juice, was very sweet, and possibly a little weak tasting even though it had two shots of rum in a small tumbler.  Some of the comments I saw on the drinkmixer.com recipe definitely put down making a Mai Tai with any recipe including pineapple juice.  So I’m going to give one of the purported “original” Mai Tai recipes to compare the taste, so Trader Vic, the inventor of the Mai Tai doesn’t haunt me while I’m feeling no pain but drinking too fruity, too sweet, concoctions that should not bear the name Mai Tai!  The only juice in a Mai Tai should be lime juice, who knew…

Update:  Could not find a ready source for a Martinique rum, and the point of this is to be able to make these Mai Tai recipes on Kauai, so I decided to look for other rum choices.  I found a great page/post that investigates that very topic:  http://www.amountainofcrushedice.com/?p=1692

Update: On Kauai had to pick a light and a dark rum, and couldn’t find a Jamaican or Martinique rum, no Orgeat syrup, and no orange curacao so standard substitutions led back to Mai Tai like drinks and then we just started improvising tropical drinks. For more info on our trip see Kauai – Part 1


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