Yelp is not new and is a great resource for reviews of local businesses.  When using Yelp keep in mind that anyone, including nonobjective people (owners, friends, family, competitors) can post a review. If you’re unsure of whether to trust a review checkout the reviewers other reviews. Are there any? Are they all positive, are they all negative? These are good indications of whether this is a fair review. Also remember even a good business can make a mistake occasionally.

I recently noticed that they have added the ability to signup/signin, links to your Facebook account, new internal Yelp social networking functionality, and a pretty long list of local sales/deals.  Today I got my first email deal from them.  Add Yelp to the growing list of local bargain emailers.  Yes, Groupon, you should have taken the 6 billion!  But for the rest of us, competition is grand.  So signup for Yelp, post reviews so we know which businesses are great, which aren’t, and get your local bargain email deals too!

Update (12/18/2011): I added some info on how to sort through the reviews and to not always trust them. Additionally, Yelp has scaled back their daily deals, this type of service is very overdone right now and many people are burnt out on the constant emails. My opinion above on Groupon’s value has not panned out… as of last Friday the company has a stock Market Cap of 14.7 billion dollars and although they have falling revenues during the last quarter their loss was very small in comparison to past quarters. So we’ll see in the long run how this all works out.


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