Compromise vs. Extremism!

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Deep Thoughts, Distractions and Barriers
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Not sure this post fits my blog, but I need a place to vent and I can’t do it in one or two sentences on Facebook. I could take some time to make a case for government not getting in the way of me living a full life, but I’m not going to try to make this one fit, I’m just going to vent!

I am politically independent. So Democrats call me a Republican, and Republicans would call me a Democrat. I’m neither. I believe that the Government exists to serve the country, not the other way around. I don’t believe you can be an extremist and do what is right for our country, but the two party system is a self enforcing training camp for political extremism and conflict. If the Republicans think they can blame the Democrats for messing up the country by spending too much, they will let the country go up in flames in order to gain power, and the opposite is equally true.

The current Debt Limit and Budget Crisis is a case in point. I am fiscally conservative. I believe we should have a balanced budget, minimize spending, and tax fairly. The Republicans have vowed not to raise taxes because it hurts jobs. But they will cut programs which “hurts jobs”. My question as an independent voter, and I believe an objective observer, is: What is the difference between not giving a deduction for corporate jets and cutting a program. Are corporate jets really a necessary business expense? My other question is how can a company claim to make billions of dollars yet pay little to no taxes? There should be no difference between taxable income, after deducting legitimate business expense, and reported income. Don’t tell investors you are profitable and the government that you owe no tax! This is possible because of loopholes. Loopholes are government spending, targeted to specific “programs”. So eliminating loopholes is no different than cutting programs. This crisis is an opportunity to make things better, the Democrats should be (and appear to be) willing to cut spending and eliminate unnecessary programs, the Republicans should be willing to eliminate tax loopholes and quit letting companies report one income to investors and a different one to the government.

This current situation is more telling about the future of our country than any I remember in my lifetime. I believe the current clash of extremism could lead to a situation that will hurt us all by leading to long term and progressive lowering of the United States AAA credit rating. I will not support, with my money or my vote, anyone adding fuel to this political fire.


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