Padres Game 2011Although is available in 17 cities, I’m only familiar with the San Diego Offerings. Goldstar is different from other daily email deals in several ways. Although many of their offers are for 50% or more off, they always have more than one deal per day. Today their site is listing 44 deals for things to do in the local area. This is about normal. So far Goldstar isn’t about restaurants, Brazillian Blowout, or whiter teeth, it is completely focused on entertainment. I receive several daily deal emails, and they usually get deleted pretty quickly, because I know I’m likely to get a similar offer again soon. However, there are unique “see it now or you’ll miss your chance” offerings on Goldstar regularly, so I look over their email more closely than the rest. My favorite thing to buy on the site is theater tickets. I don’t go to plays every weekend, but I would love to get to one every couple months. I prefer small theaters, but I’ve seen some great shows in the larger theaters around town like the Civic Theater or the Lyceum. More than half the offerings on Goldstar are tickets to live shows. I’ve found Goldstar to be a great way to get to know different theaters, and to get out and about more often. By combining the savings of this site with a deal for eating out you can easily save 40-80 dollars on a night out. This can help if you’re trying to stick to your budget but want to live a full life! There are also some good offers for harbor cruises, sporting events (Padres), and tours. These are handy when you have company coming to town. I recommend signing up for the Goldstar site to give it a try. It’s free to check it out. They usually charge a small service fee per ticket, but the savings make it worth the fee.


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