I’m a citizen of the procrasti-nation.  Based on life-long observation of my family I believe I must be a native born citizen.  In the absence of firm plans I routinely find myself putzing around the house, surfing the internet, or (gasp) blogging.  It is too easy to allow loose, flexible plans slide to the right.  So if I want to stay active, I have to make firm, well thought out, and possibly even publicly published plans.  It is also better if I make those plans “with other people”.  If a firm plan only includes me, who really knows if I blew the plan off!  So for me living a full life requires planning a full life first.

Planning isn’t difficult unless you have a larger group of people who are all trying to fit a plan into their busy schedules.  There are normally 5 W’s but in this case the why is for fun, or a challenge, etc. so it really is just the 4W’s: who’s going, what are you going to do and what to bring, where to go, and when.  Often you know everything except the what and where.  You know you want to get together with a group of friends or you have a special date to celebrate, and you need to figure out what to do.  Having resources that give you ideas for things to do  on a particular date are priceless.  Whether it is the local paper or weekly magazine, their website, or some other online resource you should have those types of resources handy for planning. I plan to collect a list for San Diego and post it here.

Then there are the Bucket List events/adventures. For me these generally involve setting up backpacking permits, lodging, campgrounds, and hopefully getting a few family and friends to come along. I have several left on my list and try to get out at least once a year to one of them. In 2012 I’m planning to hike the Zion Narrows. I’ve been working on that for a month or so, but need to finish that up in the next month. In 2013 I’m hoping to hike near Mount Rainier or possibly do some mountain biking. I hope the Marine Corps Marathon is on for 2014, but that will take a long-term plan, and a lot of shorter runs between now and then. I love the internet, you can always find someone how has done it, tells you about it, and usually they have some great pictures too. I personally like the ones that have plans that you can use. Camping checklists, information for a particular place that they found by doing lots of research, or by going there over and over again. Hints and tips from people who have been there are priceless when you are planning.

Want to see some of my planning posts? Check out the tag – Planning.


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