Sunrise over Daytona BeachIn my initial post on travel I stated that for “the most part business travel seems to be a lonely and unfulfilling act”. But as I get older, and my nest gets emptier, it is getting easier to combine personal travel with business. When it works out I definitely saves money. Over the past two years I’ve taken my girlfriend along on two business trips; one to Orlando, and the second to Las Vegas. At the Bellagio with Paris behind us In Orlando we enjoyed a couple of evenings together during the conference and stayed a couple days after. We spent one night in a hotel on the beach in Daytona Beach. In Las Vegas we stayed an extra night, checked out a O that night. I had always heard that it was a unique show and the best of the Cirque du Soleil shows. I was definitely impressed and entertained. It is unique, and we had a great time. I’ve been to a couple other Cirque du Soleil shows, and have something that I loved about each. On the last day before driving home we headed over to the Hoover Dam. Jenny had been there as a young girl, but I had never been. We took the Power Plant tour, which I highly recommend, and spent a couple additional hours wandering around, eating lunch, and snapping pictures. It is an amazing place.

Even if you can’t take someone along on business travel, there is no reason not to get out and get to know the area better. If you’ve been to a place many times before, do something you love to do there. Me on the Power Plant tourIf it is a place you would like to vacation to in the future, take an extra day or two to do some reconnaissance. Figure the place out so that you’ll have a better time when you take your vacation. Even if it’s not a place on your bucket list, if you never been there before and may never go again, look online, find something interesting to check out or do while you’re there.

I have a business trip to the United Kingdom planned for next week. Unfortunately, winter is not the best time to take a vacation to London, so I won’t be bringing anyone along, but I do plan to add a weekend on to the front of the trip. I’ll stay in London in a central location for a couple of nights so I can figure the place out for a personal vacation at another time. Spending about $300 dollars for a weekend in London is a bargain compared to the total cost of traveling there on my own. I’m half Irish so starting a vacation in London and traveling to Ireland (on my Bucket List) and maybe Scotland at some point in the future makes sense.

To live a full life you have to plan, you have take advantage of opportunities to do something new and unique. Don’t waste a perfect chance to enjoy a new place just because you also have work to do while you’re there.


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