Mission Beach after a run February 2012The past few years we’ve had better summer days in January/February than in June-August in San Diego. The calendar summer months have been overcast and not that warm, but each winter we’ve had a week or two of really warm, sunny, clear days that have been the best summer weather of the year.

In 2011 we bought season tickets to the Green Flash concert series at the Birch Aquarium, hoping to see some terrific sunsets, and hear some great music. The music was awesome, but not one sunset! We’re hoping for better luck with the sunset and cloud cover for the Green Flash concerts in 2012. In the past few weeks there have been some great sunsets, terrific beach weather, and sunny warm days in San Diego. It is easy to think “Oh there will be plenty of summer days in a few months” and let the terrific weather go to waste, but I would recommend not letting one great day slip by without getting out for a day a the beach, some kayaking, a hike, a run, a day in the park or zoo, or even doing a project in the yard.

Another good reason to get out on a nice summer day in the winter is that San Diego will not be overrun by tourist. There will be bigger local crowds than usual in the winter, but you will have less traffic, smaller crowds, and better bargains. There have been some really good bargains for kayak and stand up paddle boards this winter on Groupon and other daily deal sites. But you have to wait for a good faux summer day to really enjoy these deals.

There are always excuses… mine this year is yet another move. This will be my 8th house in 6 years! However, I definitely plan to take advantage of some of this winter’s faux summer in San Diego. So put some Jack Johnson on, feel the sun on your face, and enjoy the summer weather regardless of what month it is.


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