The Fray – Scars & Stories – San Diego, CA – 16 Feb 2012

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The Fray carry the crowd along
I’ve been to more than 20 concerts in the last 2 years, and I’ve seen some great shows, and awesome bands, but from my perspective none of the performers have put as much passion into their show as The Fray. Isaac Slade puts his heart and soul into the songEven when Isaac Slade’s emotion seemed to be peaking he was in complete control of his vocal performance. They played some of my favorite songs from past albums, but close to half the music was from their new release Scars & Stories. With some bands that could be a let down, but in this case it was great. Their new single Heartbeat had already grown on me, and I downloaded the rest of the disk from iTunes about a week before the concert. I love all their music, but love it even more live! Every single song was performed as good or better than the studio version. The House of Blues was a great venue. As always the crowd up front really got in to the performance. We ate dinner there before the show, had a few beers, and got our receipt stamped for the House of Blues “Pass the Line” perk. So we were able to get in a great position to enjoy the show and get some cool pictures. My new camera helped out there too. I took a couple of videos, which I enjoy watching, but they don’t do the performances justice, so I won’t be posting them.

Isaac Slade singing The Fray's Be StillMy favorite new song of the night was Be Still. It was all about the voice and the voice was emotional and perfect! Unfortunately not everyone in the crowd was with us at that point. There was way too much chatter back by the bar. At one point Isaac Slade tried to “shush” the crowd noise. It helped but there was still a couple of cackling laughs from some lady who was obviously having a good time, but she should have gone to some other bar that night. I thought of her again when they played How to Save a Life a couple of songs later. Another favorite song from the new release came with a background story… Two Down and 48 to Go! The lyrics have some personal meaning for me, but I also just like the song! The passion and emotion that Isaac Slade puts into his vocals really got the crowd into the show, but he also went into the audience during two songs which really lit up the crowd.
Isaac Slade lifts the crowd up
The second time he performed in the crowd about 2 feet from us for a good part of the song.

San Diego was the first stop on The Fray’s U.S. tour to promote Scars & Stories. They were definitely on their game and we loved every minute of the show. If they are performing near you in 2012, I definitely recommend seeing them live. You will not be disappointed! Throughout the show I was torn between just enjoying the show and taking pictures/videos. I was there to enjoy the music, and so I left my camera in my pocket for a lot of the show. However, I do want to share a few more pictures…

Isaac Slade of The Fray belting it out

The Fray performing with passion

Joe Kings backup vocals were amazing and he took the lead for a couple songs Isaac Slade finds another use for his piano

Finally, just a couple more up close and in the crowd… people were somewhere between “in to it”, “amazed”, and checking out their cameras to be sure the picture came out!

Isaac Slade wows the crowd

The Fray - Oh Yeah

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