National Garden DC Mall
This is related to my other posts for the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon:
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Washington Monument blocks the sunPicking out enough unique music to play during a marathon seems like a big task, but it really won’t be that many songs. Somewhere between 60 and 100 songs depending on the length of the songs and how fast I run! I have an 8GB IPOD nano, so I’ll have plenty of storage space. The battery is supposed to last 24 hours. I will be very disappointed if it takes anywhere near 24 hours to finish the marathon. My favorite workout music is hard rock but my workouts are usually an hour long. I may not want to listen to AC/DC and Aerosmith for 4-5 hours straight! So the task is to pick the best 4-5 hours of running music I have and put it in the right order to make my ears happy for the whole 26.2 miles.

Starting with some Aerosmith is a must. I want some inspiration to get started at a good pace. Seven or eight good hard rock songs should get me off the line and moving. Then maybe some Dave Matthews to put a smile on my face and keep the legs moving. Once the going gets tough some Ray Charles and some other good blues should remind me how tough things can really get and keep me going. Around 20 miles I think some fun mellow music may take my mind off the desire to STOP! Maybe some Ben Taylor, James Taylor, or Jack Johnson. Songs like The Frozen Man, or Banana Pancakes should cheer me up, take my mind off the pain and keep me moving! I have plenty of training ahead to try out some of this music and see how it makes me feel during longer runs.

I’m definitely open to suggestions. I’ve gotten on suggestion already, Boston’s song Smokin, that will make the initial playlist. Post a comment if you know of some good running music, or any good music that can inspire, distract, or just put a smile on my face. Whatever it takes to check running the Marine Corps Marathon off my Bucket List.

Near the Crystal City entrance to the Mount Vernon Trail
Note: I happen to be in DC this week so I went on a couple runs and got some nice pictures that I decided to share in this post.

See the completed playlist on my post: 26.2 Miles of Music – Playlist


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