View from our backyard
I have been blessed with good health for most of my life, but occasionally I get sick and I hate it.  I really hate to just sit around. I don’t have the patience to rest, recuperate, and wait for my health to return.  I want to walk, hike, exercise, go to the beach, etc.  Sitting around or sleeping is especially hard when the weather is terrific as it was this past Memorial Day weekend (2011).

(Note: I started a draft post last year, but started to feel better before I finished it. Unfortunately I have another round of motivation for the topic.)

DC Mall run course April 5 2012I put this post on the shelf because I started feeling better and wanted to get back out there. In May 2011 when I wrote the first paragraph I had just returned from Kauai, and this time… April 2012, I’m just returning from Washington DC. I’m seeing a pattern, spring and travel. Both times I got a head cold which is far from the worst thing that can happen with your health. These short illnesses take us out of our plan for a week or two but don’t have a long-term impact. Last year I missed a few hikes that would have been nice in preparation for an August hike to Half Dome. This time I’ve just started training for a half marathon in August. I ran 15 miles last week, two 5 mile runs in DC and one around Lake Murray here in San Diego. I may not be able to run at all this week.

View from the couchWhat I have to do, if I don’t want this cold to drag out for weeks, is to take care of myself. Rest, take it easy, eat well, and take the vitamin C my wonderful girlfriend has been offering. While I probably shouldn’t hike, run, sail, paddle, or bike until I’m feeling better, I can plan to do those things. I can do research for inspiration. Read other blogs and write in mine. Talk to family and friends about what they are planning and what I’m planning. Catch up on some of my work and personal ToDo list. I should definitely rework my financial plan. I’m getting closer to some of my financial goals and need to tweak the plan, so I’m ready in the next 9-18 months to take advantage of what may be, finally, the bottom of the real estate price decline in San Diego.

We still have some things to unpack and some boxes to sort through. I have 3 or 4 books I want to read, and I need to dust off some of the things I learned in continuing education classes a couple of years ago before I sign up for my next college class this fall. Of course somewhere in there I need to find the patience to rest, recuperate, and wait for my health to return. Maybe I should just sit out in the backyard, have a glass of fresh squeezed OJ, and enjoy the sunset.

View of sunset from deck Mount Soledad on the right


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