Columbia River Gorge Water Falls

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Bucket List, Hiking, Travel
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Me holding my oldest daughter on Multnomah_Falls - 1986I’m adding a trip to all the waterfalls on the Columbia River Gorge to my Bucket List today. I’ve only been to one, Multnomah Falls, and it was spectacular. I recently saw a picture of another falls, Lower Oneontana Falls on another WordPress blog, and that inspired me to add to my Bucket List.

Of course the main reason I need to get back to these falls is to get some updated pictures! I love this mid-eighties picture because of the memories that it invokes, but “oh my God” what was I thinking with those glasses? Maybe John Denver inspired me. Of course the glasses aren’t that obvious because the real eye-catching fashion nightmare is the shorts! Thank goodness the falls in the background are so fantastic. And my two-year old daughter so cute. That day, my son and I hiked to the top, sure that the view would be spectacular… but we were disappointed. It was just a small stream that dropped off the edge with no real view, but a fun hike.


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