Train (California 37) – San Diego Fair – 30 June 2012

Posted: July 1, 2012 in Bucket List, Family and Friends, Full Life, Live Locally, Music
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Train San Diego 30 July 2012
We had a great time at the San Diego Fair last night with friends, fried Twinkies, and Train. We managed to miss the traffic nightmare on the 5 thanks to a route our friend Mary showed us last year on the way to see the Doobie Brothers. Parking wasn’t as bad as we expected either, so we had time to have a sandwich and some lubrication before heading up to get our seats. There was no opening act so Train actually started before dark which was a change. The crowd was definitely ready for the show and very fired up.

Patrick Monahan belting one out of the San Diego Fair Grounds

Patrick Monahan is great at getting the crowd into the show. They played a lot of music from their new album including the first single – Drive By. I was amazed that the crowd knew every word. Patrick Monahan sang every other line in the song, and the crowd was right there to fill in the missing parts. They also sang a couple of cover songs, one Eagles song and an awesome Journey song. One of the most memorable parts of the show for me was when Pat Monahan called a young lady up on the stage to dance and sing along to Bruises a fun song about reunions. He asked her if she knew the lyrics, which although she said she did (to get up there), she had no idea, but definitely enjoyed being up there. The most shameless thing she did was pull out a camera, posed with Pat Monahan, and stretched her arm out to get a once in a life time picture with him (hope it came out!).

Train is one of my favorite groups and seeing them is definitely a Bucket List thing, even if it is the second time… Seeing them with a great group of friends made it that much sweeter.

Patrick Monahan singing Journey song in San Diego

Patrick Monahan singing Journey song in San Diego

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