Can’t Keep Her Hands Off Me – or a Gentle Reminder to Suck it in!

Posted: August 11, 2012 in Deep Thoughts, Fitness and Health, Food and Diet, Happiness, Running, Wild Hair
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Have to touch or Suck it inMy wife has a habit of putting her hand on my stomach in pictures.  If this had happened once or twice I probably wouldn’t have noticed, but it happens regularly.  Once I noticed it I started to wonder why.  Is it an overwhelming desire to touch me?  If I had an awesome set of abs, I would understand her being overwhelmed.  Actually my abs probably aren’t too bad somewhere under there… but now I’m sounding like an old man!

If it is a reminder to “suck it in” I haven’t always heeded the reminder (click the collage to take a closer look). I will try to do a better job of remembering and/or taking the hint in the future. With all the running I’ve been doing to prepare for a half marathon next Sunday you would think that I would have gotten so thin that sucking it in wouldn’t be required. No such luck, I lost some weight at first but weigh the same now as when I started training. I think the more I run, the more efficient my body gets and the less impact it has on my appearance/weight. As I get ready for the Marine Corps Marathon next fall I will have to lose some weight just so there is less impact on my feet, knees, and hips for the long training runs. As much as I like pastries and ice-cream, I will have to cut back. I also love grapes, watermelon, and apples, and they don’t have the same negative effect on me. OK, now I’m starting to sound like an old guy willing to run long grueling distances regardless of how sore his feet get just to try to feel younger…

Regardless of why she does it, I find it to be sweet and loving, so I hope she doesn’t stop just because I pointed it out to everyone!

Eric and Jenny Rial at the Golden Gate Bridge near sunset

Update: I got another gentle reminder when I pushed the publish button. WordPress let me know that this is my 100th Post!

  1. samesides says:

    I was smiling the whole time I read this. Very endearing and funny. I’m bossy when people take pictures of me. “Put the camera way up in the air and shoot it from a downward angle, dammit! It makes me look skinnier!”

    Very nice.


  2. eric.rial says:

    Thanks Emily. Jenny and I had joked about this before, but when I was looking through our latest trip pictures the “evidence” became overwhelming. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. Hi Eric. When do you run your half marathon? I ran one last fall and stopped running because I injured my foot. Anyway, I hope I can pick it up again. Best of luck with it!! And, have fun. All that running will take care of your stomach. That’s what I loved about running 🙂

    • eric.rial says:

      I run this Sunday in the America’s Finest City (we’re not exactly humble here in San Diego) Half Marathon. I’m looking forward to it. It will be a first. I’ve definitely gotten back in to running lately and usually love the time to think, let go of stress, and hopefully stay healthy and in good shape. This will be the longest run I’ve ever done, but I’ll start adding miles after I get past this one. I need to get up to about 19 mile training runs to be ready for the full marathon next year. Not sure that will be fun, but it is something I want to do.

      • Awesome! I love San Diego. I used to live there years ago. In fact, I had hoped to do the La Jolla half until I got injured. That was my plan. Maybe next year. I have two sisters and a nephew who live in Scripps Ranch. Anyway, best of luck! Hope you have a great run!!!

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