Nice Double Waterfall near Stony Creek Campground Sequoia National Forest
We’re heading up to do some camping in Sequoia National Park again this summer. It’s been a couple of years since our July 2011 Sequoia National Park trip and I’m more than ready for some more camping, hiking, exploring, and family time. We’re camping with my wife’s brothers family, but plan to get there a couple days early, so we’ll have some time to explore. On our one full day I would like to do some hiking and see some new places. I’ve spent less time in Kings Canyon National Park, so I’m focusing my planning on that park. The drive from Stony Creek Campground is long, but should be very scenic. We’ll get an early start. Cedar Grove is my first preference for hiking, we could easily tackle a couple of medium length hikes in one day. Zumwalt Meadow trail appears to be both scenic and easy hike, as does the very short Roaring River Falls trail. I would also like to see the canyon so the Cedar Grove Overlook trail is appealing. However, I love hiking by water though so the Sheep Creek Cascade may replace the Cedar Grove Overlook trail, especially if it is a hot day!

General Grant Tree - Kings Canyon National ParkWe should also have a couple of partial days to explore. It’s about a 6.5 hour drive from San Diego, but we may go at least halfway there on a Friday night so we have more time on Saturday to set up camp and enjoy the park. We have family just north of LA and heading there Friday will be close to half way plus bonus time with family! If we leave Friday we’ll have almost a full day on Saturday. If we’re eager to see some big trees we can go a little out of the way and visit Grant Grove on the way to the campgrounds.

Stony Creek Campgrounds July 2011When we stayed at Stony Creek Campgrounds a couple of years ago we loved it. It’s a beautiful location with a stream running through the camp grounds. We’ll be staying close to the same spot we had last time, but closer to the creek.

Crescent Meadows Trail July 2011There are a couple of hikes I would love to do in Sequoia. I want to take the short trail to Moro Rock, it should be a great view. Last time we visited I notice a sign for a trail from there to the Giant Forest. There are actually a couple of trail options from Crescent Meadows to the Giant Forest. I would prefer hiking back down rather than riding the shuttle, especially if it gives us a chance to see a few more Sequoia. One of the trails, the longer way, takes you past the Washington Tree, which would have definitely been worthwhile before 2005, but it lost half its height between the lighting strike in 2003 and a hard winter in 2005. Still it may be interesting to see a tree that used to be one of the top 10 largest trees in existence that was just recently brought down by natural causes.

Buck Rock Lookout July 2011A favorite from our last visit was Buck Rock. Since my wife has never been there, I would definitely be up for another climb to the top. Based on what I learned on our last visit, I may skip the walk around the decking around the cabin though unless it looks like it has been replaced. If it’s not new, it is somewhere around 2 decades since they replaced it… and it’s a long ways down!

On Monday some family is arriving so we’ll be doing things together, and having a great time at camp I’m sure. I’ll post the details of this trip when we get back.

Until then, if you’d like to see some more info on our last trip to Sequoia see my post: Sequoia National Park (July 2011) – (Part 2 – Buck Rock Lookout and Grants Grove)


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