Week End Project – Garage Floor Coating

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Home Improvement, Weekend Project
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Rustoleum Epoxy Garage Coat Applied
I’ve always wanted an epoxy coated garage floor and decided it would be worth the effort required to do it myself to save $500+. With some research and advice from a friend I choose to use a Rustoleum kit and to add a protective premium clear coat to add durability to the finish. I actually started the project before we moved in by etching the concrete, but San Diego had some cold nights between January and March so applying the coating had to wait for warmer weather. The instructions were detailed and very clear but that didn’t keep me from making a couple of mistakes. The instructions clearly started to mix the 2 parts, wait a period of time that depended on the current temperature, then stir the mixture again before you start to use the coating. I forgot to do the last stirring. This did not have a huge impact for my garage as there was plenty of coating material but it would be important for a larger garage. Without the final stir the hardener settled to the bottom and the last inch of the coating material was unusable. When I realized my mistake at the end of the second can I was concerned the coating might not cure but it was fine.

When applying the clear coat I made sure that I did the final stir and had just enough to roll on the last patch of floor. But I still had another lesson to learn. The clear coat is very hard to see under certain lighting conditions and I could not see it while applying it. I tried to be careful to hit every spot but noticed several areas that didn’t get a full coat after it hardened and I could walk on it. At some point I may buy another gallon to get these spots and possibly coat the sides, but for now I’m satisfied with it. It is a good strong floor coating even though I know it isn’t perfect.

The final step of the project was to put up our shelves, organize our stuff and leave plenty of room to park a couple cars.

Finished Garage with shelves

Update 8 February 2015: I had a question today about whether I still recommend the product I used for this project. I absolutely recommend it. It has been almost 2 years and the floor still looks great! It is so easy to keep clean. If there was one thing I would recommend might be to stop the paint just inside the garage door. I went all the way to the crack by the driveway and this shows outside the door. It looked OK to have that show outside when the door was closed, but the sun has yellowed this part of the paint. Still I’m very happy with the Rustoleum floor coating.


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