Steve Miller Band – San Diego County Fair (15 June 2013)

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Family and Friends, Full Life, Music
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Steve Miller Band

Steve Miller Band is one of the few bands to have been in my album/cassette/CD collection continuously since the 70’s. Probably due to the Columbia Record, Tape, and eventually CD club and of course the fact that I love the music. The Steve Miller Band was not on my bucket list but he is definitely high on my all time favorite music list. His Greatest Hits CD is in my car and has even been in my CD player a few times over the last couple years. I don’t have to listen to the CD to hear the music though, he still gets plenty of airtime on my favorite radio station.

I enjoy seeing music at the San Diego County Fair. We usually get together early to talk and get a little warmed up for the concert at the Fair Beer Gardens. We’ve seen the Doobie Brothers, and Train the past two years. The crowd is huge, and for Steve Miller Band they were all very much into the music. He started out with several of his greatest hits including Fly Like an Eagle, Jungle Love, and Jet Airliner. There was no evidence of his age, 69, in his singing or playing. This is the first time I’ve seen him live and I watched the performance closely. I’ve always loved the music and his voice, but I under appreciated his guitar skills. There are some great guitar licks in his music and he delivered them with perfection.

After warming the crowd up with some of his greatest hits, he switched things up and played some classic blues music. He released a CD in the last few years with some of the great blues songs on it. Sonny Charles who sang backup and entertained with his dancing for many of the Steve Miller Band original songs sang the lead vocals for these songs. He has a great blues voice and really worked the crowd. Then the band played some of the lesser known songs off some of the early albums. Still sound good, definitely didn’t sound like 40 year old music. To give the band a break Steve Miller played an acoustic set, basically a medley of hits, and there are a lot.

Steve Miller Acoustic set

Then the band came back out and finished up stong with some more hits like Abracadabra and some of my favorite Steve Miller music like Dance, Dance, Dance (great lyric), Rock N Me, and the Joker. I spent part of this time in a very long beer line, but could still see bits of the stage between the standing crowd. Got back in time to see the big finish and do a little dancing. Even got my youngest son to move a bit!

Of course after the concert we had some hearty fair food… Texas Sized Bacon Donuts (I actually liked this a lot), and a fried Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. Said our goodbyes and wandered through some interesting stuff on the way back to our car. I’m not really a carnival or fair person, but after seeing a concert at the fair each of the last three years, it is starting to grow on me a little.

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