Idaho (Part 1 – 1st Anniversary Celebration – Les Boise Park, Downtown Boise, Alive After 5 – 3 July 2013)

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Family and Friends, Full Life, Vacation
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Crowd at Alive After 5 - Boise Idaho - 3 July 2013

We planned this trip to Boise Idaho earlier this year and were very excited about the trip. I’ve been there several times, but this was my wife’s first visit to Boise and to our friend’s home there. We flew in on 2 July from San Diego and left all our cares behind. Our friend’s Dave and his wife Wendy had planned out every day of our visit and basically said, “Let us know when you’re ready for a break.” It was a full and eventually tiring week, so we did finally get to the “Ready for a Break” point. I think that should be the goal of every vacation, unless the goal from the start is to sit on the beach and sip Mai Tais. We had definitely worked some time for that built-in to our last vacation with Dave and Wendy to Kauai in May 2011.

We left San Diego at 6:40 am so the 2nd of July turned into a long day for us. We slept in a bit on the 3rd setting a nice precedent for the rest of the trip. The 3rd of July was the first anniversary of our big event in Big Sur and we were looking forward to kicking off the vacation right. Although the weather was hot, over 100, we headed to the Boise horse track – Les Boise Park in the early evening. It was definitely a dry heat and we were pretty comfortable, and had a couple cold beverages to make it even more comfortable. I’ve only been to one other horse track, Del Mar in San Diego. Les Boise Park is much more intimate, and it’s a lot easier to go back and forth between seeing the horses come out before the race, to placing a bet, to watching the race. I bet on four of the races, winning twice… my lucky day? Well not exactly. I lost $12 on two races and won a total of $1.60 on the other two. But we had a great time.

Jenny and Eric at Alive after 5 Boise Idaho 3 July 2013In San Diego on July 3rd the sun set at 8PM. In Boise the sun set at, to us an amazingly late, 9:29! After the 7th race we headed downtown with 2 more hours of daylight still ahead of us. Boise has a long running (27th year) downtown summer event called Alive After 5. This event has food, live music, plenty of other things to do downtown, and a lot of daylight. After hanging out for about a half hour listening to Tony Furtado (no relation to Nelly) and his band rock out, we headed a couple blocks over to our reservations at the Redfeather Lounge. All of us at the Redfeather LoungeUnfortunately they had an A/C malfunction during the day and it was very warm when we walked in. The service was great though, really great. The waitress managed to move us directly under a “now working” A/C vent, so we were much more comfortable. The food was OK, although I don’t recommend the steak based on the one they served me. Dessert was the high point, the Lemon Meringue Bombe got high praise from everyone.

After dinner we decided to play a little pool at a long time local hangout – Humpin’ Hannahs!
Sunset July 3rd 2013 Downtown Boise IdahoThe sun was just setting as we made our way there and the sky looked like it was on fire! I took a closer look at the picture as I was getting it ready to add to this post and noticed a pair of shoes hanging from a power/phone line part way down the street. It reminded me of all the pairs of boots I had seen hanging from wires on Marine Corps bases over the years. Those were thrown up there by Marines being discharged – not needing the boots anymore. I wonder why these particular shoes were on these particular wires? My best guess has to do with alcohol, college, and maybe graduation… but who knows.

We played really bad pool for an hour or two, and then decided to go down and enjoy the Humpin’ Hannah’s house band – The Rocci Johnson Band. They played tons of great music, we were pretty well lubricated, so we got a great workout on the dance floor!

Playing Bad Pool at Humpin Hannahs in Boise Idaho

The first full day in Boise was a ton of fun and we had big plans for day 2, the 4th of July. See my follow up post for the second part of this trip: Idaho (Part 2 – Rafting the Payette River, biking the Green Belt, and Fireworks – 4 July 2013)


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