Blog Year 3 CollageThe terrible twos are over, the rough patches for finding the path for this blog have passed. My blog is now three years old. I have posted 156 posts over the past 156 weeks, so I’m right on my goal of one post a week, although it took a little “catching up” over the past few months.

Immediately after the the thought that “the hardest part was over” for starting the blog came to mind, the question… how long will I keep doing this… popped into my head. It is a valid question. Everything has a beginning, and an ending. If a full life can end, so can a blog. I don’t have an answer to the question at this point. I don’t feel like “the end” is near, but I also hesitate to say I will continue doing this the rest of my life, or even the rest of my active life. I guess I can say that I will continue to do it as long as it adds more to my life than it takes away. There have been evenings that I’ve sat here typing a post and I’ve thought, could I be using my time for something more useful, or more fun? Could I be spending more time with my family? But when I look at all the terrific things this blog has inspired me to plan and do, the hours seem like a small price to pay.

Although the blog has changed over the last 3 years, its main purpose has been constant – to celebrate living a full life. With three years of posts on the blog some of the standard widgets and tools for giving access to these posts are starting to fall short. This year I added a sidebar tool with my “Favorite Posts – So Far” Most of my favorite posts are of me actually getting out there and living. I enjoyed writing these posts the most and I like to check them out occasionally, and hopefully make them easier for others to find too. Unfortunately I always find another typo while re-reading my posts. I guess that’s to be expected in a blog…

The Favorite Posts so Far also includes a few “resource” posts, and a single “Wild Hair” post Have Ice Cream and Chocolate Syrup in Your Cereal Once in Awhile, but as I reviewed the list I found that there were no Planning posts. Even though they are not as fun to write, I have gone back to read them when refining my plan or planning a second similar trip. Although these posts are not “favorites”, they are the most important. Without these posts, the favorite posts would not happen, or at least the trips/adventures would not turn out as well. Another type of post – Deep Thoughts has only the one post, which is also a Wild Hair post. While digging through the blog content for this post I skimmed back through my posts for the Deep Thoughts category (of course I found a few that shouldn’t be there) and read a couple. I love writing these posts, and I enjoy reading them, but I wouldn’t classify many of them as favorites for a couple reasons. First they are too personal. They are written from my point of view, how I feel about a topic or how I’m affected. Second, many of them tend to get preachy, mostly preaching to me, but that may not be the way it comes across. Preaching is not really my intent on this blog; that’s not who I want to be, although it must be a part of who I am because it happens so often in these posts. I’ll work on that and maybe more of these posts can become favorites. I’ll also consider some other ways to make it easier to browse through older posts.

Year four of the blog has a couple major events planned. First I will be running the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon. This will be my first marathon and likely my last (we’ll see), so I’m hoping to achieve my time goal, be satisfied, and have a little more time to relax and/or do other things. There has been a lot of running over the past year. As soon as the Marathon is over we will start hiking a lot more. We are scheduled to hike from rim to rim at the Grand Canyon in the early summer next year. I did this in the fall in 2010, but next year we will have a larger group (including my wife), and we are doing some other things differently too. I know there will be plenty of weekend project posts over the next year with the new house to play with. Although my wife calls me a “planner”, I have left some room for surprises and spur of the moment adventures. I’m not sure if there will be much room for sitting on the couch and watching TV, but that is sort of the point!

Now it’s time to blow out the candles and have some cake… Happy Birthday Blog!


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