Rock and Roll San Diego Half Marathon 2013 – Training Log

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Fitness and Health, Fitness Resources, Running
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Me and Chris and the finish of the Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon 2013

13 Mar 2013 – 2 June 2013 (After 2nd Half Marathon)
Preparing for: Rock and Roll Half Marathon – San Diego 2 June 2013. Goal time: 1 hour 57 minutes (9 minute miles)
Challenge/Risk to achieving goal: Injury from continuous long training runs. Have to lose some weight early! Goal 195 lbs.

Highlight of this race… running with my oldest son.

Date Miles Conditions Time Mile Pace
13 Mar 2013 5.32 Flat, beach run, calm, cool, foggy. Started slow, then picked it up. Knee puffy for the first time afterward…no pain. 47:39 8:57
16 Mar 2013 4.73 Hilly neighborhood, slow easy pace. 50:39 10:42
18 Mar 2013 4.05 Flat run by the beach, legs felt better. 35:25 8:44
21 Mar 2013 3.75 Hilly neighborhood, felt good, picked it up a bit. 37:46 10:04
22 Mar 2013 11.23 To the lake and almost back. This one hurt, lots of cramps during and after. 1:58:04 10:31
30 Mar 2013 3.1 Race for Autism, Balboa Park. Ran with my sons. 31:26 10:29
31 Mar 2013 2.5 Attempting 6 mile run at lake. Calf injury near the 2 mile mark…it will be a while before I can run again. N/A N/A
19 Apr 2013 4.2 Felt good to be back out running, leg is loose and feels healthy. Stayed at a relaxed and easy pace at the lake again. Only 5 weeks until the San Diego Rock and Roll Half Marathon. 37:45 8:59
23 Apr 2013 1.87 Nope, not good. Hilly run, when I turned by down the hill my calf bunched up again. I stopped and walked right away, but I have to take more time off. The MCM training plan is going to have to take priority over the Rock and Roll half. 21:06 11:34 (slow all up hill)
27 Apr 2013 about 8 Took it very easy. Focused on relaxing my right foot and calf and a comfortable stride. New phone app didn’t work. reported 235 miles and 14 second per mile pace!. Took a tour of the parks in my hometown. I enjoyed the run! about 1:28:00 11:00
29 Apr 2013 5.04 Still running tentatively. Great course through neighborhoods, parks, and along an old railroad line in my hometown. 51:04 10:08
3 May 2013 6.25 Favorite beach run… first normal feeling run in over 2 months. A little tired, but the legs felt really good. Not much time left before the Rock and Roll Half 58:24 9:20
5 May 2013 8.02 My son took me to his favorite lake run… we held a good pace for a little bit longer run. Miramar Lake Run 1:15:38 9:26
7 May 2013 5.63 A run at the beach after work. Nice weather! Felt a little sore. 52:43 9:22
12 May 2013 5.19 Run at the lake with my son. Legs felt good, but it got way too hot. Got to start earlier on hot days! 47:52 9:13
14 May 2013 10.01 Run at the beach after work. Felt good, good stress relief. 1:36:51 9:40
16 May 2013 4.62 Run at Point Loma. A little hilly. Sore shins slowed me down. Almost ready for my taper for the San Diego Rock and Roll Half Marathon. 47:45 10:20
21 May 2013 10.01 Run at the beach and bay. Last long run before the taper. 1:38:45 9:52
23 May 2013 3.81 Hilly neighborhood, easy pace 40:25 10:36
25 May 2013 4.22 First morning beach run in a long time. Beautiful day. Felt a little sore and sluggish, but a decent pace. 38:01 9:01

(Update May 25 2013: With the Half Marathon in 8 days, it doesn’t look like I’m set to achieve my goal. No weight lost (not one pound), an injury to my calf cut out several weeks of training and changed my training plan altogether. Lesson learned… take it easy after a race for a week or two. I tried to jump right into my next training cycle after the last half. After the Rock and Roll half I’m going to cross train in the gym and focus on weight loss for at least 2 weeks with only short easy runs. Then I’ll ease into an initial training cycle for the MCM.

Date Miles Conditions Time Mile Pace
27 May 2013 4.13 Memorial Day run at Santa Monica Beach boardwalk. Fun run. 37:01 8:58
30 May 2013 4.62 Hilly neighborhood run. Last run before the half marathon so I took it easy. Walked quickly up the hills, no injuries today… 54:15 11:44
2 June 2013 13.1 Rock and Roll San Diego Half Marathon. Did not meet my goal, but I know what went wrong. Time to start training for the full marathon in October. 2:06:04 9:38

Some of the scenery during my training runs:

Had a good time running in my home town through parks and along an old railroad line converted to a recreation trail.

Running along old railroad trail in Fort Dodge Iowa

A creek meandered under the trail several times. There were some old railroad bridges, and some new lighter weight bridges.

Creek Meandered under old railroad trail several times in Fort Dodge Iowa

Memorial Day 2013 run on Santa Monica Beach boardwalk.

Santa Monica Memorial Day


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