San Diego Half Marathon 10 March 2013 – Training Log

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Fitness Resources, Running
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Leaving the Finish Line area of the San Diego Half Marathon 2013

This training log covers preparation for the San Diego Half Marathon on 10 March 2013. This was my second half marathon. After the disappointment of not achieving my goals for my first half marathon – Americas Finest City Half Marathon (Aug 19, 2012), I updated my training plan to include more hills and I planned to run more long runs before tapering off.

28 Jan 2013 – 10 March 2013
Preparing for: San Diego Half Marathon 10 March 2013. Goal time: 2 hours, 10 minutes
Challenge/Risk to achieving goal: One big hill in the middle of the course

Date Miles Conditions Time Mile Pace
28 Jan 2013 4.26 Flat, beach run, sunset 39:23 9:15
31 Jan 2013 6.41 Flat, beach run, sunset 59:15 9:14
2 Feb 2013 6.76 Hilly neighborhood 1:20:46 12:14
4 Feb 2013 4.00 Cool cloudy evening beach run, no sunset 35:43 8:56
7 Feb 2013 6.15 Cold and stormy evening beach run 59:25 9:39
9 Feb 2013 9.05 Flat around lake finish uphill 1:31:00 10:03
12 Feb 2013 5:47 Flat, beach run, sunset 50:10 9:10
14 Feb 2013 4.81 Hilly neighborhood run 55.27 11:32
17 Feb 2013 10.03 Hills, Lake, Hills – To Lake Murray and back with hills 1:45:30 10.31
20 Feb 2013 4.78 Hilly Neighborhood – a little faster! 46:53 9:48
22 Feb 2013 4.78 Hilly Neighborhood (same course) – starting to go faster uphill! 48:03 10:03
24 Feb 2013 10.28 Ocean Beach to City Heights – One big Hill – OB to City Heights 10 miles 1:41:48 9:54
Start of 2 weeks of reduced training before the SD Half Marathon on 10 March 2013. I think I’m on track for my goal time of 2:10 or less.
26 Feb 2013 3.05 Mission Beach to Pacific Beach – Flat course, cool weather 26:02 8:32
28 Feb 2013 3.87 Up the hill to Hillcrest and around the neighborhood 36.31 9:31
4 Mar 2013 4.01 Beach run with a sunset… 34:34 8:36
6 Mar 2013 5.27 Beach run with a sunset and got my feet wet after… 47:11 8:57
10 Mar 2013 13.1 San Diego Half Marathon – Goal 2:10 2:03:19 9:25

Love running at the beach after work in the winter, I get to see some great sunsets! Here are a few that I’ve caught with my phone/camera during these training runs.

Mission Beach Sunset Run Picture

Pacific Beach Pier in the middle of a warm winter sunset run.

On the Pacific Beach Peir at Sunset

Another view of the Pacific Beach Pier at sunset.

Pacific Beach Pier at Sunset

The sunset on Mission Beach during a winter run after work.

Mission Beach Sunset on a run

I was running a little faster this night to try to catch up with this kite surfer before the sunset was over. He was headed the same way, so I had to pick up the pace. Just before this picture he pulled up to the beach and started running back toward me. I had to stop, pause the run, and pull up the camera quickly to get this shot.

Mission Beach Kit Surfer at Sunset

On 10 March, I ran through a head cold and exceeded my San Diego Half Marathon goal of 2:10 by nearly 7 minutes. My best pace in a long run, with or without hills, and 2 minutes per mile faster than my last half marathon. The conditions were nearly perfect and I was pretty happy with my run.


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