I’m planning to post a series of short fiction stories. I would like to give myself a schedule, but I’ll be realistic. It’s been a long time since I wrote any fiction (college) and I only have a basic idea of what I plan to write about. I would like to post at least four short stories a year (not too ambitious am I?), but I’ll have a better idea of the time involved once I have one done.

I’ve always been a huge reader of Science Fiction so I plan to write in that genre. The basic idea goes along with my blog celebrating a full life. The premise for each of the short stories will be that a cure for “death by old age” has been discovered. What I will try to investigate in the series are the troubles that this would cause for society.

This is not the first time I’ve thought about this topic, but a return to it came with a single thought a few weeks ago. The thought… “Death, what a waste!” You have a person with 70-80 years, or more of experience, memories, and wisdom. This person is irreplaceable and full of life, and then they are just gone! There were a whole series of thoughts that led to this thought, but the thoughts I had after this thought were more interesting. Why? What if old age was cured. What would this change? It was easy to figure out some of the changes and more importantly the challenges. The easiest to predict would be the population explosion problem. The current worldwide population over 65 is less than 10% of the total world population. That would change very quickly!

I plan to develop this thought with a series of short stories. The situations and choices that could be made are unlimited. By just changing the world situation at the time of “the cure” and the choice made to deal with the resulting population change I think I can find the premise for several interesting stories. The challenge for me will be to write the type of story that I love to read. A story that “tells the story” through the characters. I have not done that before, and I will not be satisfied with a story that simply reads like a new article, setting up the situation and then laying out the plot… I want to explore the impact on the people in the stories. This means I will have to develop the characters.

I have a couple stories already in the works. Well one is actually very short… and ready to post. I have always found Science Fiction to be very liberating. It is also a way, through exaggeration, to point out those things that given the right circumstances don’t pass the “giggle test”.


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