Race for Autism (22 Mar 2014 – San Diego – National Foundation for Autism Research)

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This will be my 5th consecutive Race for Autism and the 10th Anniversary of the Race itself. This event offers a chip timed 5K race, a fun 5K walk/run, and/or a 1 mile family walk. The location could not be better, the course cuts through the heart of Balboa Park.

My first Race for Autism was in 2010, I was injured, arrived at the race alone, knew no one, but I still had a great time! Not long after this race I received some information about the National Foundation for Autism Research (NFAR) Mens’s Group. I decided to check it out and have been attending meetings ever since. This group is a great resource for Dad’s of children with autism. NFAR has also started a Women’s Group for Moms.

In 2011 I was joined by family and friends for the race and in 2012 we had an even larger turnout.

Our team for the NFAR Race for Autism 24 March 2012

We had a terrific time, unfortunately we were on our way out of town right after the race, so we were unable to fully enjoy the day. Last year our team had a great turn out and lots of fun. I ran with both my sons, one of my daughters and her boyfriend (now fiancée!). We did the family walk with an even larger group. We made up for the quick exit in 2012 by inviting all our friends and family over to our house for brunch following the race in 2013. This was also the first year that my son Sean ran the 5K race. He ran with me and his older brother (putting on a burst at the end to beat us by a hair).

His older sister and her boyfriend also ran the 5K.

Monica and Ricky at the finish

We had an even larger group for the family walk. This is just some of the group.

2013 NFAR Race for Autism Team Running with Sean

In 2014 we are still putting together a team. We’re looking forward to the race and the get together afterwards.

Autism affects each child differently. But with effective therapy and quality education there is an opportunity to improve the lives of every child with autism. NFAR is focused on providing support to the people most focused on making a difference like teachers. From personal experience I know that teachers can make a tremendous difference in the life of a child with autism. This race is our chance to help them make that difference.

Sign up for the Race for Autism at San Diego Race for Autism, and invite your friends and family.

Update 22 March 2014: We had a great turnout for the race/walk and support folks and an even bigger group for brunch after at our house. This year just adds to the fun we’ve had through the years with everyone who has supported us in raising money for NFAR.

Here are a few pictures:

This is the whole 2014 early morning group of runners, walkers, and support folks. More terrific supporters came to the brunch.

Our early morning group at the race/walk

Randy turned in a good time well ahead of the rest of us… we have some more training to do for next year!

Randy turning in the fastest time for the team

Kirsten and Austin finishing up strong!

Kirsten and Austin finishing the 5K race

All of the runners (Trisha, Randy, Sean, Kirsten, Austin, and me) on team “Running with Sean Again” – 2014!

All the runners on the team

We had a great time again and will definitely be out again next year. It was a very rewarding day!


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