Things to do during a Southern California Beach Staycation

Posted: May 25, 2014 in Biking, Family and Friends, Full Life, Live Locally, Planning Post, Travel Resources, Vacation
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Southern California Beach sunset

My Wife and I have six busy children. Actually they are all adults now and four of them have significant others We also have one very young and unbelievably cute grandson. It seems like we never see enough of them, and only rarely do we get everyone together for more than a few hours at a time. So when we started looking at vacation options that might be able to include most or all of them we decided a staycation would be the best way to include as much of our family as possible. Technically a staycation would include staying in our home, sleeping in our bed, and driving to local attractions/events. However, we want to attract our kids to stay over night. We have a terrific house, with plenty of room (ok – not 7 bedrooms), and it is in a great location with terrific views. However, we want something that will draw our kids in to hopefully stay multiple days. We aren’t planning to “go to attractions”, we’re expecting the beach house/condo to be the attraction.

Although we are planning to spend most of the week on the beach or water, we don’t want to just sit there cooking in beach chairs. At least that isn’t what we want to do all week, but that sounds great for at least one day. I guess not “cooking”, but at least being very lazy, sipping some tropical drinks and watching the sun (hopefully) shimmer on the water. But that leaves us 5 more full days!

Our search for a place to stay covered an area from San Diego to Newport Beach. Our ideal place would have been: not too close to home, not too far from home, on the beach, and large enough for everyone. We didn’t find the ideal place – at least not at a reasonable cost, but we did find a condo with 3 bedrooms that sleeps 8 and is right on a park that is right on the beach. It is also close to restaurants, bars, and other entertainment, so we’ll have access to a reasonable night life. If there is one thing I wish was different, it would be the size. A 5+ bedroom house that could sleep everyone would be better, but also more expensive! Because it is close enough to home, we expect our kids will rotate in and out, but we’re also bringing some comfy air mattresses so we can expand if necessary.

So on to a list of things to do:

1. Swim. Although the water in Southern California is too cold for my taste, I expect we will spend some time in the water.

2. Walk on the beach. Walking anywhere is one of my favorite things to do. Walking on the beach is pretty close to the top of the list.

3. Throw the Frisbees on the beach – one of my favorite beach activities

4. Drive along Highway 1. Put the top down and enjoy the beauty and perfect weather!

5. Bike along Highway 1.

6. Sailing. There is a marina nearby where we can rent a boat. I just need to find my credentials or go by Fiddlers Cove to get a copy of them.

7. Kayaking in a harbor, lagoon, or bay. There are several great places to ocean kayak in Southern California under the right conditions.

9. Horseback riding. There are stables nearby. Although I don’t think we can ride on the beach, riding near the beach sounds like fun.

10. Visit with family and friends. This is what the whole week is about!


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