A Few Days in Lake Tahoe and Reno (29 July-2 August 2014)

Posted: June 18, 2015 in Family and Friends, Travel
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It was hard to leave San Francisco. We had other things we wanted to do, but it was time to move to Lake Tahoe. We would be meeting other friends and stopping by Reno to get Dave and Wendy’s vehicle and to check out the car Dave would be showing at the car show. We had spent a few days in Lake Tahoe around the same time in 2009, so we could go into Reno for the Hot August Nights car show. We had a great time in both Tahoe, and Reno last time, and the balance between them had seemed about right, but this time with a car to show, I was concerned we were be in Reno more often, even though we would be staying in Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe has a lot more to offer from my perspective, but the Hot August Nights car show is also a fun event. We rented a very nice 3 bedroom condo via VRBO in Lake Village. These condos are arranged on a hill across the main road from the lake but since the hill is fairly steep many of them must have views of the lake. We had this view of the lake from a balcony just off our bedroom on the 3rd floor.

View from the Lake Village Condo at Lake Tahoe

We knew we would be cutting it close on time with the drive from San Francisco, but decided to get tickets to a concert our first night in Lake Tahoe. The first band up was Steve Miller. We had seen him a couple years earlier at the San Diego Fair at Del Mar and knew we would enjoy the show.

Steve Miller on the Guitar Lake Tahoe

The outdoor venue was surrounded by the beauty of Lake Tahoe and the event was well run.

Steve Miller at Lake Tahoe

There was a little weirdness in the Porta John area though. They had large multiple urinal porta johns with no doors. This seemed a bit strange since this was a coed area. There were also a lot of people smoking pot at the back of this area. I’m used to the smell at concerts in San Diego, but this was different.

The headliner was Journey – another great band from my youth. Although their lead singer, Steve Perry, no longer sings with the band, the current lead singer, Arnel Pineda, was great. Pineda sang in a cover band and was found by the band in a YouTube video.

Journey just getting started Lake Tahoe

With the long drive, some great music, and a few beers, it was pretty easy to get a good nights sleep. We woke up pretty early the next morning and went out on the balcony to enjoy the cool morning air and more of the great views of the lake.

One of my favorite things about our trip to in 2009, other than the nightly card games, was a catamaran tour on the lake. We decided to got out again this time. A different group, but just as much fun, and the Lake was just as blue!

The group on the Catamaran Lake Tahoe

The water of Lake Tahoe is an almost unreal blue color. It makes you suspect that someone dumped a few tons of “2000 Flushes” toilet bowl cleaner into the lake!

Lake Tahoe Catamaran

The Bloody Marys were as good as I remembered too. We had plenty of time to start the day off right and to clear the cobwebs of the long drive and long day we had yesterday.

Jenny and Eric on the Catamaran Lake Tahoe

What a beautiful lake!

Unbelievably blue water of Lake Tahoe

I’m putting renting a sail boat on my list for our next visit. I’d love the freedom to sail to where we want to go, especially under good sailing conditions. I’ll have to do some additional research to find a rental sailboat though, a quick look found no rental websites that include sailboats.

We decided to head down to Reno to check out some of the classic cars there for Hot Augusts Nights. There are tons of classic cars on display during this week. There is no way to see all of them, and I can’t imagine even having that as a goal. We decided to check out the cars lined up for the Barrett-Jackson auction. Although I love classic American cars, especially muscle cars, for some reason I was drawn to something different. I would love to own one of these 1966 Toyota Landcruiser FJ-40’s.

Hot August Nights classic Toyota Land Cruiser

The interior was as pristine as the exterior on this one.

Interior of the 1966Toyota Landcruiser FJ-40

I was curious about what it sold for… so I looked it up on the Barrett-Jackson site under results, $30,250.00. Not that bad considering the condition!

The next morning we were up fairly early drinking our coffee on the balcony when we noticed a hot air balloon floating over the lake. A beautiful and serene sight, but it looked like it could be pretty easy to get stuck just floating over the middle of the lake on a calm day.

Balloon about to land on the water of Lake Tahoe

I’m not sure if that is what happened, but a little later we noticed that the balloon had landed on a boat in the middle of the lake.

Balloon lands on a boat on Lake Tahoe

We were getting ready to go back up to Reno, so I’m not sure if they carried the balloon in or if it went back up. Part of our group had left really early to get back up to Reno to put out the cars for the show. A few of us… me, Jenny and Wendy decided to put the top down and take a slow ride around the west side of the lake before going to Reno. Emerald bay was our favorite part of the drive. This is a very cool part of the lake with an interesting history.

The island in Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe

Also I got to be a kid and climb up on a rock to pose for a picture!

Eric on a rock Lake Tahoe

By the time we got to Tahoe City nearer to the north end of Lake Tahoe we decided we better get back to Reno a little quicker. This would be Jenny and my last day for Hot August Nights in Reno. We had decided to stay one more night in Tahoe, then head back to San Diego. The rest of the group would be staying the last night in Reno before towing their cars back to Boise.

Although it was a very hot day in Reno, we spent most of the afternoon checking out cars. Jenny’s favorite was this blue Mustang fastback.

Mustang fastback on display at Hot August Nights in Reno Nevada 2014

Mustangs have never been my favorites, but this was definitely a sweet one! We also spent a bit of time hanging out at Dave’s car, a 1968 Chevy Camaro SS. The Camaro is the car I wish I had been smart enough to buy in 1976 when I bought my first car. When I look at the prices these cars sold for new I’m pretty sure one of these could not have been too much more expensive than the 1972 Nova I bought. This is also one of my favorite classic cars to look at. Riding in the Camaro is a little different, there are definitely better rides out there. Dave just finished doing some major work on this car and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t this nice even new!

Daves Camaro

We decided to head back to Tahoe for Dinner. The Beacon Bar and Grill in Camp Richardson had good recommendations and we wanted to get away from the crowd and be right by the lake, so this was perfect. The night could not have been better for dinner outside by the lake. Our table had a great view of the lake…

Dinner at the Beacon Bar and Grill Lake Tahoe

and we had a pretty good view of the family of racoons who were hanging out under the restaurant’s deck.

Racoons under the deck at the Beacon Bar and Grill Lake Tahoe

Looking back nearly a year later (yes I’m way behind on my blog posts), I’m eager to get together with Dave and Wendy again soon. I wish I could convince them to move to San Diego, and I know Dave would like us to move up to Boise, but we’ll have to be happy with vacations and visits until one of us puts together the perfect argument! Luckily a couple of weddings this summer will get us together in both Boise and San Diego so we’ll have our best chance to “make the pitch”. We’re also headed to Maui together in the fall… maybe we can all just pack it in and move there!


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