None of the Above!

Posted: March 29, 2016 in Deep Thoughts
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I loved the movie Brewster’s Millions (Richard Pryor -1985).  The premise was he could take an inheritance of 10 million dollars or he could take a challenge to spend the $10 million dollars in a month with no remaining money or assets at the end to get a much larger sum of money.  He had a few hair-brained ideas like investing in an iceberg moving scheme for water thirsty desert countries (actually made money), and he also decided to fund his own campaign for office.  Unfortunately, he realized if he won, he would have an elected office which would be an asset.  His solution was to change the campaign to one supporting a vote for the write in candidate:  “None of the Above”.  If my memory serves me right, he changed again before the election to supporting one of the other candidates.

I always thought that the concept of a ballet option or write in vote for None of the Above was silly.  I’ve changed my opinion this year.  The current presidential nominating process appears to be headed down a path of extremes.  At this point the current candidates seem to have less than majority support and the front-runners have more people who dislike them than like them for the office they seek.

If I were given a real choice of “None of the Above” this year.  A choice with real meaning, a choice that meant I wanted none of the candidates to have the office and a new election in which none of the current field could be on the ballot, I’m pretty sure that would get my vote in 2016.  I’m not sure if “None of the Above” could ever get a majority vote, but I do think it should be an option.

Our current system gives us two choices.  In the current polarized environment that means we get to choose between a liberal and a conservative.  No real centrist can get through the presidential nominating process.  I want a true choice not the choice between two candidates that I don’t believe in. So here’s to giving us a real a choice even if it has to be “None of the Above”.


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