Bucket List!

Na Pali Coast - Kauai - Hawaiian Islands

Updated: 8 May 2018
Still To Do


Adventure Comment
Grand Canyon – Hiking to Havasu Falls Saw info on this while planning other hikes at the Grand Canyon. One of these days!
Bernese Oberland Traverse Thanks for the inspiration Perspective from the Lens (blog)
Grand Canyon – Rim to Rim to Rim – (Save hours of driving!) Did not go to plan in June 2014 due to illness. We reduced it to a rim to rim hike. Next attempt TBD.
Hike/Bike around Mount Renier Love this area, always wanted to check it out
See all the major waterfalls on the the Columbia River Gorge I’ve been to one a long time ago: Columbia River Gorge Water Falls
Machu Picchu via The Inca Trail How else would you get to Machu Picchu? Well apparently via the Ancascocha Trail. That may be a good, less crowded alternative.
Pailon del Diablo – Baños, Ecuador From screenshot to bucket list! Long way to go for this hike, maybe Peru/Ecuador road trip?
Zion Narrows – From the top down! Need some more of this hike.
Upper Antelope Canyon Thanks for the inspiration – Another Header in your post – Page Arizona
Hike near Ouray, CO Box Canyon Falls and High Bridge Trails and others.
Sail the Caribbean and/or the Mediterranean on a chartered sailboat Love to sail, sounds like great places to sail.
Swim with the sharks in La Jolla I enjoy snorkeling. This is a good reason to get into the frigid waters near San Diego.


Destination Comment
Italy #1 on the travel list. Hike the Cinque Terre, Florence, Venice, Rome. Flights set for late summer 2018, some details to plan, including what to do for a few days in Paris before we fly to Venice.
Greece #2 on the travel list.
Visit all 50 states See my post: 45 Down And 5 To Go – Alaska, Rhode Island, Vermount, Maine, and New Hampshire
New York City (again) Run in Central Park, Statue of Liberty
Kauai (again) Na Pali Coast Sea Kayak (Summer only – June to August when the ocean is calm)
Kalalau Trail (Willing to take a 3rd trip if I have too!)
Other Hawaiian Islands I haven’t vacationed to Hawaii (Big Island) – Have tickets for early 2019.
Over the Water Cottage in a tropical location South Pacific island or Caribbean doesn’t matter. The feel is what matters.
Key West, FL Some Military Recreation Housing available here!
Costa Rica Need to do some planning to be there at the right time
Egypt Pyramids! Hope these political changes work out…
Ireland and Norway. My heritage! I’ve been close to both, less than 300 miles from Ireland and less than 200 miles from Norway by car and ferry. Close, but not there yet!
Australia and New Zealand Want to check out the whole toilet water spinning backward thing for myself.
See a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater Near Denver, CO
See a concert at the Gorge Amphitheater Near the Columbia River in George, Washington.


Adventure/Event Comment
Big Sur Camping/Hiking (again) We want more! We got a second dose of Big Sur in 2017, but due to Highway 1 being closed, we only visited about half of Big Sur from the North.
Hike around Mt. Diablo San Francisco
Hike the Backbone Trail Santa Monica Mountains.
Wine Country (Napa Valley, Sanoma) One down – Russian River Valley in the summer 2017.
Hike at least 250 different trails in San Diego County Thanks for the inspiration Jerry Schad – Afoot and Afield in San Diego. This will take a while so I will track my progress here.
Hike the 133 mile section of the Pacific Crest trail in San Diego County. This would likely be done in five 25-30 mile chunks on long weekends.
Hike in Limestone Canyon Regional Parks – Orange County There are at least a couple trails there that look interesting. Black Star Canyon Trail and The Sinks.
Yosemite – High Sierra Camps Loop Pampered hiking in a beautiful place. How can that be wrong! Thanks for the inspiration Kim and Chris. Spots for this require signing up for a lottery.
Yosemite – 4 Mile trail. Want to do this the hard way… up! Hey, it’s only 4.8 miles and 3200 feet of climb. But it will be the views that will be remembered.
Sequoia and Kings Canyon – Rae Lakes Loop Will keep the backpack light for this one. We did a few miles out and back of this loop on our last trip to Kings Canyon and Sequoia in 2013. Just enough to want more!
Mount Whitney Better get to this one fairly soon…
Domeland Wilderness hiking (near Sequoia National Park) – Thanks for the inspiration PGMG with your post – This is Why We Hike

Personal Goals:

Goal Comment
Learn to play the saxophone My 5th Grade Band teacher made a terrible mistake picking the trombone for me play!
Try out home brewing chocolate peanut butter stout?
Try Cross Country Skiing Yosemite Valley?
Surf Waikiki on a Stand Up Paddleboard Oops another reason to go to Hawaii! Scheduled October 2017… should have made this one “try” to surf on a stand up paddleboard.
Learn to take really cool Milky Way photos Might need a better camera or a lot of patience!
Monterey Bay Half Marathon (Formerly the Big Sur Half Marathon) Still need an under 2 hour half marathon time… and this half marathon goes right past the park I got married in

See Every Band/Singer on my Facebook Music Like List in Concert:

Band/Singer Comment
Ed Sheeran Fantastic singer… loved his Carpool Karaoke spot.
Clark Beckham
Delta Rae
AC/DC May need earplugs at my age, but would love to see them.
James Blunt One of these days.
Norah Jones Sometime soon.
Uncle Cracker Maybe next time he’s at the fair.
Alanis Morissette
Plain White T’s
David Gray
KT Tunstall
Trent Harmon
ZZ Ward

More to come…

{Click the pictures to see them full sized}


Adventure When Post Picture
Yosemite Panorama Trail July 2010 Yosemite 2010 – Part 1 (Panorama Trail) Me and Sean on the Panorama Trail with Nevada and Vernal Falls behind us
Yosemite Half Dome Aug 2011 Yosemite 2011 (Part 2 – Backpacking to Little Yosemite Valley and Hiking Half Dome) Me and Jenny on Top of Half Dome
Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike Oct 2010 Grand Canyon Rim to Rim (2010 – Day 1 North Kaibab Trail) Me, Dave, Chris, and Kim heading back up on Bright Angel Trail
Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike June 2014 Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike (Day 1-2 – San Diego to the South Rim) Eric Rial at the end of the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim hike June 2014
Zion Narrows Sep 2012 Zion National Park (Observation Point, Narrows – September 2012) Eric Rial Zion Narrows hike September 2012


Destination/Event When Post Picture
Attend a Rose Bowl with Iowa playing January 1, 2016 Great time with great friends, not such a good outcome on the game. Stealth Bomber flying over the Rose Bowl Jan 2016
Ride a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge August 2014 A Few Days in San Francisco (Day 3 – 28 July 2014 – Part 1 – Biking the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito)
A Few Days in San Francisco (Day 3 – 28 July 2014 – Part 2 – Biking Sausalito to Old Mill Park and the Ferry from Tiburon)
Eric Rial riding across the Golden Gate Bridge
Big Sur Hiking July 2012 Big Sur and Carmel California – Wedding, Hiking, Dining, and Driving (July 2-5 2012) Pfeiffer Falls
Big Sur Hiking July 2017 We stayed in Big Sur and the Carmel Area for 3 nights as part of a California Road Trip to celebrate our 5th anniversary. We hiked at Point Lobos and Garrapata State Park both are just south of Carmel. Point-Lobos-North-Shore-Trail-and-view-toward-Carmel
Sail in San Francisco harbor near the Golden Gate Bridge July 2012 Quick Visit to San Francisco – (Honeymoon Part 2 – 5-7 July 2012)! Sailing toward the Golden Gate Bridge
See a concert at the Greek Theater June 2017 Saw Sheryl Crow – great show! The opener is shown in this picture while it is still light. The singer for the group, Lukas Nelson sounds a lot like his Dad Willie. Greek Theater Jun 8 2017
Visit Wine Country North of San Francisco – Russian River Valley July 2017 We stayed in Windsor and enjoyed a sedan tour of Iron Horse, Lynmar, Hook and Ladder, and Sunce Wineries. Beautiful area and some very tasty wine. Iron-Horse-Vineyards
Eric And Jenny Rial - Lynmar Tasting


Destination When Post Picture
Kauai May 2011 Had a great time with friends. Catamaran Kauai
Jenny and Eric Kauai 2011
Maui Oct 2015 Maui (October 2015) (Part 1 – Lahaina, Kapalua Beach, Kahekili Beach Park, and Nakalele Point Blowhole) Front Street Lahaina Maui

Personal Goals:

Goal When Post Picture
Run the Marine Corps Marathon Oct 27 2013 Marine Corps Marathon 2013 (Washington DC – 27 Oct 2013) Eric Rial running the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon
Rock a grandchild to sleep in my arms March 3 2014

Aug 2016

Both asleep on the couch


See every band/singer on my Facebook Music Like list in concert:

Singer/Band When Post/Comment Picture
Eagles May 2010 Cricket Amphitheater. Fun date with my future wife!
Eric Clapton Sptember 18 2017 Absolutely the best concert I’ve ever been too. Heartbreaking that he will not be touring any longer. Absolutely fantastic guitar player and such a soulful singer. Eric Clapton San Diego September 2017
James Taylor 8 June 2014 Hollywood Bowl James Taylor at the Hollywood Bowl June 2014

Jenny and me at James Taylor Hollywood Bowl Concert-001

Aerosmith September 2016 KAABOO Del Mar steven-tyler-closing-out-the-show
Ben Taylor Jun 2010 Los Angeles – thanks Jenny!
Ben Taylor March 2014 Coach House San Juan Capistrano Ben Taylor - Coach House - San Juan Capistrano March 2014.bmp
Kings of Leon July 2010 The Pit at Cricket – Best music of 2010
Jack Johnson Oct 2010 Phoenix, yes apparently they had a Cricket too! Jack Johnson Oct 2010 Cricket Phoenix
Jack Johnson August 2014 UC San Diego Jack Johnson UC San Diego August 2014
Sara Bareilles Dec 2011 LA Paladium – Thanks Jenny Sarah Bareilles Dec 2011 Hollywood Paladium
Sara Bareilles (again) Sep 2013 SDSU Open Air Theater with One Republic Sara Bareilles OAT September 2013
Dave Mathews Band Aug 2010 Most fun at a concert for 2010 Dave Matthews Aug 2010 Cricket San Diego
Dave Matthews (Again) Sep 2012 On the lawn at Cricket Dave Matthews Sep 2012
Dave Matthews (Again) Sep 2014 In the Pit! Dave Matthews Chula Vista September 2014
Sheryl Crow Aug 2011 Front Row seat at Cricket – thanks to Sheryl Crow’s fan club site! Sheryl Crow August 2011 Cricket San Diego
Sheryl Crow (Again) June 2017 Not as close as the last show, but great venue at the Greek Theater. No cameras allowed so the Nikon had to wait at the gate for us. Best cellphone shot… Sheryl Crow Greek Theater June 2017
Matt Kearney Feb 2012 HOB San Diego, hanging by the bar in back Matt Kearny HOB San Diego Feb 2012
The Fray Feb 2012 The Fray – Scars & Stories – San Diego, CA – 16 Feb 2012 Isaac Slade wows the crowd
The Fray 10 June 2014 They were terrific again. Love their old and new music. Isaac Slade and Joe King of The Fray at SDSU Open Air Theater
The Fray 26 May 2015 Loved see them with Matt Nathanson and Train in the same night. The Fray - You Found Me - Chula Vista CA
Ingrid Michaelson Apr 2012 Second floor balcony leaning on the rail. Ingrid Michaelson HOB April 28 2012
Train June 2012 Train (California 37) – San Diego Fair – 30 June 2012 Train at San Diego County Fair
Train May 26 2015 Sleep Train Chula Vista Pat from Train explaining how she drowned in a hot tub
Needtobreathe 2010 Horn Blower Private Listener Concert
Needtobreathe (Again) June 2012 Green Flash Concert June 2012 Needtobreath 20 June 2012 Green Flash Concert
Needtobreathe (and again) Nov 2012 2012 Humphrey’s Concerts By the Bay Needtobreathe Nov 2012 Humphreys San Diego
Jason Mraz Sep 2012 2012 Cricket Jason Mraz Cricket San Diego Sep 2012
John Mayer Oct 2013 John Mayer with Phillip Phillips in Chula Vista CA – 04 Oct 2013 Nice closeup of John Mayer at Sleep Train Chula Vista Oct 2013
Phillip Phillips Oct 2013 John Mayer with Phillip Phillips in Chula Vista CA – 04 Oct 2013 Phillip Phillips putting on an energetic show in San Diego October 2013
Phillip Phillips (Again) 12 September 2017 A favorite since his audition on American Idol. He has been gone for a bit due to contract issues. Glad he’s back. Best show of the 3 times we’ve seen him. Phillip Phillips SDSU OTA September 2017
Another Phillip Phillips SDSU OTA September 2017
Colbie Calliat 14 June 2015 Love her voice. Big crowd at the San Diego Fair. Colbie Caillat at the San Diego Fair June 2015
Rolling Stones May 2015 Petco Park is a great venue… Mick Jagger holding still for a picture finally Petco Park 2015
Sam Smith Aug 2015 Great voice, amazing performances, very loud crowd! Sam Smith enjoying the crowd San Diego 11 Aug 2015
Adele August 2016 Tough tickets to get, and no scalping of good seats. We loved the show, what a singer, and what a character. There were 2 stages. We were 6 rows from the smaller stage where she started and ended the regular performance. Adele started with Hello
Ray Lamontagne September 2016 He sounded great. The show was not what we expected. He was pushing new music that is a completely different style than his previous albums. He did very few older songs. Lot’s of people left and there are some bad reviews out there. I would have been happier if the mix had been a bit different, but understand he was promoting his new album and new style. ray-lamontagne-at-sdsu-oat
Rob Thomas with Matchbox 20 July 2017 We had great seats thanks to a Citi presale. Loved the passion of both Mathchbox 20 and the Counting Crows. Terrific night. Rob Thomas with Matchbox 20 July 2017
Counting Crows July 2017 Missed them not playing one of my favorites, a remake of Paved Paradise. They sounded great and I love their music. Counting Crowes July 2017
Tyrone Wells 5 May 2018 He is a very upbeat talented singer. The Coach House is a cool venue.
Enjoyed the concert and getaway to San Juan Capistrano,
Coach House - waiting for Tyrone Wells to start
  1. samesides says:

    Learn to play the saxophone reminds me of Steely Dan’s “Deaon Blues”; been to Australia because of my Iowa all-star basketball status and travelled around playing Aussies (even got to try driving a car there, left side style); been to the Rose Bowl when Oregan played Ohio State… Though I wish it had been Iowa since I am a Hawkeye at heart. Going to see Norah Jones in Aug at Tahoe and I love Sheryl Crow. Your bucket list may need to be commandeered by myself, The Royal We. Mt. Whitney is gorgeous, and may I just add one more to your bucket list? Camping in the Alabama Hills below Mt Whitney is a must for me. So, when do we start knocking these things off your list together? You should also add High Sierra Music Festival to your bucket. It’s awesome. I’ll show you the ropes.

    I’m enjoying your stuff. Truly.

    Emily Reese

    • eric.rial says:

      Thanks Emily. I’ll check out some of your suggestions. I hope you enjoy Norah Jones. She is coming here, but I missed my chance for good seats and NEVER (OK rarely) buy tickets in the resale market – I hate paying more than face value. Feel free to commandeer as many things from my bucket list as you like. I have borrowed many of these from others, is there really anything new in the world? I’m hoping to hike Mount Whitney with my wife, oldest son, and his “soon to be” wife in the next couple years. We drove by it on the way to Mammoth a couple weeks ago and it looked very challenging. We’ll check out the Alabama Hills camping.when we go.

  2. Aimee says:

    Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. I see that you have Havasu Falls on your list – you are going to LOVE it!

    • eric.rial says:

      Thanks. I love the Grand Canyon, and I love waterfalls, this combines them both… bonus! I enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing the great pictures and the experience.

  3. CAWhite says:

    The one thing I have done is Maui!! I lived in a tent for 3 weeks by the ocean..then up a mountain for another 3 weeks. Did a lot of hitchhiking too! It’s legal and socially acceptable there. If you go and need a ride don’t be afraid to stick that thumb out. If you are driving…pick people up!

    Paia was the town I spent most of my time in. You’ve been to Kauai so you may know a little about the racism. Some locals WILL steal from you. Keep your belongings guarded and locked up.

    If you like red meat, eat a burger. The local beef is amazing. I also suggest hiking to Twin Falls and swimming in them! Bathe in Mother Earth!

    And drive The Road to Hana. The best scenic route in Maui.

    And if you are hardcore, which it seems you are, hike Mt. Haleakalā. But you must hike it BEFORE the sun rises. Watch the sun rise over the summit. If you can climb down into the depression…it’s said that it will align all of your chakras. Haleakala is one of the many sacred sites on Planet Earth, along with Stonehenge, The Pyramids, Machu Picchu, etc.

    There is a magic that exists in Maui that none of the other islands possess. It is so easy to manifest anything you want there. Think it….it appears.

    Good luck on all your journeys!

    • eric.rial says:

      Thanks for the suggestions, Maui should be great. I lived in Oahu for 4 years and loved it. Can’t believe I didn’t see the other islands then, but I’m sure we’ll love it now!

  4. CAWhite says:

    I also lived on Oahu. Once upon a time, I was married to a marine. We lived on base. That island is another world compared to Maui. And from what I understand..each island is so very different.

    • eric.rial says:

      I was also a Marine at Kaneohe, quite some time ago (1990-1994). It was a good time, with lots of good memories of my kids, the beaches, and warm ocean water. California’s ocean feels like the arctic in comparison, but it does keep you awake!

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