Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike Posts

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike (October 2010)

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On the North Kaibab Trail Descent 2010 – Day 1 – North Kaibab Trail We stayed about an hour north of the Grand Canyon in October 2010. We drove down to the trail head and started the hike at dawn.
On Bright Angel trail - Grand Canyon rim to rim hike 2010 – Day 2 – Bright Angel Trail We camped at Bright Angel Campground. Duffel service made it so we could camp without carrying a heavy backpack for the entire rim to rim hike. On day 2 we hiked out of the Grand Canyon.


Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike (June 2014)

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A view of the canyon and a portion of Bright Angel Trail from the South Rim 2014 – Day 1-2 – San Diego to the South Rim We took a back road route from San Diego to the Grand Canyon South Rim, that included passing Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area on California Highway 78. We took one of the local buses out to see the sunset from the South Rim, and then took it to the end of the line the next day before catching a shuttle to the North Rim.
View from the East Patio of the Grand Canyon Lodge at the North Rim 2014 – Day 2-3 – North Rim) We stayed in a Frontier Cabin for two nights and enjoyed the Grand Canyon Lodge at the North Rim, and an easy day hike nearby.
Jenny and Sean taking a break along the North Kaibab Trail 2014 – Day 4 – Part 1: North Rim to Roaring Springs This is my favorite part of the Rim to Rim hike. The scenery and trail are just spectacular, the cool morning weather makes this part of the hike even more enjoyable.
Shadows begin to deepen in the slot canyon on North Kaibab trail 2014 – Day 4 – Part 2: Roaring Springs to Phantom Ranch) This is the part of the hike that the reality of the distance and heat set in. The long slot canyon at the end of the day definitely makes this section of the trail better!
The Colorado winding through the Grand Canyon beside the Bright Angel Trail 2014 – Day 5-6 – Phantom Ranch to the South Rim) Climb…climb…climb.


Planning Posts for the 2014 Rim to Rim Hike

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Jenny and Eric hiking in Mission Trails Park North Fortuna Trail.jpg.08 May 2014 Early Planning You have to plan way ahead to really have the best experience on a Rim to Rim hike. I started planning more than 18 months before the hike.
Looking out over Grand Canyon June 2014 – Intermediate Planning Intermediate planning can start after you get your reservations. Even when you plan ahead and are on top of things, reservations are not easy to get, so have back up plans!
A Hawk soaring over the canyon - sunset at the North Rim - June 2014> June 2014 – Final Planning Because you plan so far in advance, expect that the plan will need to change and be polished up as you get closer to the hike. We had several changes to our group even just a few weeks before the hike.

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